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here's a few things you'll need to know

so i've been dead for a while now
if anyone wants to know why, it's cause all my free time has gone into no lifing fantasy life
//trying to legend everything before pokemon comes out this week yo!
probably won't though, those craft lv15 reqs are bruuuutal and i don't especially have that much free time in the first place

anyway, anyone want to trade friendcodes?!

mine is 5386-7788-6482

please comment below
Do you like pokemon?
120 deviants said Yes, ofc. Wow, how dare you even ask.
36 deviants said So much I have an OC yo!
12 deviants said No. Now go away.
9 deviants said Just here cause polls //poses
ColorRing: Song Eun Mi by Tapichu
ColorRing: Song Eun Mi
click for full view

NAME ||   song, eun mi (송은미)
female ()
AGE ||   twenty-three (23)

5ft 6inches (167cm)
WEIGHT ||   123lbs (55kg)
OCCUPATION ||   pâtissier

LIKES || hyun su, cooking, baking, homemaking, standing at the top
DISLIKES || girls getting close to hyun su; failing at anything

stubborn; likes when things go her way and will often raise a fuss if they don't.
possessive; if it's hers, then it's hers. no one's allowed to take it away.
jealous; very suspicious of other people's actions towards those she keeps close.
driven; ambitious to a fault. once a goal has been set, she will go for it with everything she has.
melodramatic; can 'sometimes' over-exaggerate in expressing her feelings...
sweet; there are moments where she is pleasant and agreeable.
caring; beneath all those flaws, she does have a bleeding heart.
The only daughter to a family of overachievers, Eun Mi's parents were doting, but strict with her upbringing. Her father being a doctor and her mother, a fashion magazine editor, she was constantly reminded that her best had to be the best. Nonetheless, she spent her childhood in relative ease, studying when she had to and playing where she could.

Academics never came as a hardship and placing at the top of her class, easy. She was also quite athletic. All things considered, Eun Mi was a pretty and popular girl. Yet, though she had plenty of dating experiences, only one guy ever made her heart flutter: Kim Hyun Su. Quiet, sweet and perfect, Eun Mi began noticing him during their high school years, despite having been classmates since middle school. What started as friendship soon blossomed into love.

Hyun Su was Eun Mi's first love and, needless to say, she fell hard. Their romance was sugar and spice and everything lovey dovey. Sadly, as graduation neared, she became disgruntled with his easy going nature. The kind of man to stand besides her would be one who stood at the top, just as she planned to do. The years she spent learning skills to delight the love of her life led to an equal love for pastries. Instead of going to university, she enrolled in a renowned culinary school, emphasizing in baking and pastry arts.

Unable to let go of Hyun Su, they continued dating throughout their college years. Eun Mi grew more dissatisfied with his lack of ambition and nagged him constantly, but to no avail. Upon completing her courses, a unique opportunity presented itself. Having impressed a visiting alumni, she was asked to accompany him back to France to further her studies under his guidance. The alumni, a man with immense influence over the culinary world, guaranteed her an experience sure to change her life. Torn between chasing her dream and staying with Hyun Su, she ultimately decided on the former, broke it off with her high school sweetheart, and left for France.

In spite of having broken things off, Eun Mi soon began contacting Hyun Su again. Still very much in love with him, she continued to act as though he belonged to her, never mind they had officially separated. It would be two more years before she returned to Seoul due to a job opportunity she could not pass up.

➥ takes hyun su's love for granted
➥ turns into a spoiled brat around hyun su
➥ secretly loves all the tiny things hyun su does for her
if not already obvious, she is obsessively in love with hyun su
➥ also a bulldozer
THEME|| T-ara : Sugar Free

hai thar!
i'm going to start this off my saying i have like, no friends.
but i'm opening a private group with some adorkable baes and herein lies my dilemma
because i am friendless i don't exactly have anyone to invite

first off, here's a bit about the group
:iconcolor-ring: :iconcolor-ring: :iconcolor-ring:
it's based in seoul, korea
the group itself is very lax. there are no deadlines and no events
character development is established purely on interactions and fourth wall intervention will probably be a common occurrence as every shit that happens in kdramas are up in the air for grabs
^ because of that there's no excuse for your oc not to interact with others
ocs are cliche tropes often found in kdramas

if you're interested, here are the criteria you first need to check off
➥ must be active (we plan on this being a very socially active group)
➥ must not be shy (most the ocs are going to have to establish social links whether you want to or not, so we'll need people unafraid to talk to strangers/other members)
➥ fairly good art standard
would be great if you were into or at least know what kdrama/kpop is
➥ this is not first come first serve, it's just a feeler journal

still interested? drop a comment below!


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Musicwithlove Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing art hhhh i'm gonna stalk you now
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How did I not find you sooner---- //weep
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just---*casually falls in love with your art*It's so beautiful-- I can't take iitNatsuki Shinomiya (Sparkle eyes) [V2] 
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Junouji Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is really cute aaa.
I looked around but couldn't find anything so-
Could you tell me who did your icon? ; w;
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