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Eclair Express is enrolling!
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EE - Winter and Ryan Collab by Tapichu
EE - Winter and Ryan Collab
click to fullview

RP scenes and headcanons between Winter and Ryan
Collab with Yen-Cat // her amazing lineart and my craptastic cg yoh

01: Ryan’s first check-up.
Ryan goes in for his first check-up at Caramel Clinic and is brought to tears because the procedure brings back unpleasant memories. Winter chastises his childish behavior all the while offering him a handkerchief.
➥ chibi half-body x2 (400), detailed bg (150)
➥ Relationship between Winter and Ryan: +400

02: Ryan’s dreaded follow-up physical.
Ryan is caught (spotted) by Winter after missing his initial follow-up appointment. He resigns to his fate when called in right after.
➥ chibi half-body x2 (400), detailed bg (150)
➥ Relationship between Winter and Ryan: +400

03: Winter shares Rose Tea recipe.
Winter, pleased there is another tea enthusiast in town, readily writes down her Rose Tea recipe for Ryan. She includes a detailed step-bye-step guide for a beginner like him.
➥ chibi half-body x2 (400), detailed bg (150)
➥ written[noted] - 3509 words/2 (175)
➥ Relationship between Winter and Ryan: +600

04: Tea break with Winter.
Winter invites Ryan to take a tea break with her after his check-up. They make idle chitchat until the sun sets.
➥ chibi half-body x2 (400), detailed bg (150)
➥ Relationship between Winter and Ryan: +400

05: Cautiously careful and caring Ryan.
On one of Winter and Ryan’s foraging trips, he notices she picks up wild items with her bare hands and instructs her to use a shovel. After she declines, he insists she use his.
➥ chibi half-body x2 (400), detailed bg (150)
➥ Relationship between Winter and Ryan: +400

06: Jealous of tea.
After studying brewing on his own, Ryan offers to make Winter a cup of Relax Tea. She is pleased with the result, but Ryan’s mood deflates when he realizes she smiles for a good cup of tea, but not him.
➥ chibi half-body x2 (400), detailed bg (150)
➥ Relationship between Winter and Ryan: +400

07: A shadow behind the Almond Inn.

Winter goes to check on a noise she heard outside her window and bumps into Ryan along the way. Their only source of light snuffs out after she trips (a few times) and is promptly lead back to the inn by Ryan. She chuckles at something he does and he becomes flustered, grateful the darkness hid his face.
➥ chibi half-body x2 (400), detailed bg (150)
➥ written[noted] - 4195 words/2 (200)
➥ Relationship between Winter and Ryan: +600

Total Gold: 4225G
Total FP: 3200 FP

Ryan Witten © Yen-Cat
Winter Springs © Tapichu
Eclair Express: Nia Lovelace by Tapichu
Eclair Express: Nia Lovelace

enrollment is soon! take a look at the group if you're interested~


Name: Nia Lovelace
Gender: Female [♀]
Age: Twenty-one [21]
Species: Half Elf
Height/Weight: 5ft 1inch [155cm] // 105lbs [47kg]
Job: Tailor
Birthday: Spring 2nd
Orientation: Straight

Loved Gifts - ❤ Lacework, ❤ Cute Trinket
Liked Gifts - ♡ Any Salad, ♡ Any Yarn, ♡ Pinkcat Flower, ♡ Strawberry
Disliked Gifts - ✖ Black Pearl, ✖ Chili Pepper
Hated Gifts - ☒ Failed Dish

Nia possesses a radiant and cheerful demeanor. She is often found with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. Pure and clear in disposition, she does harbor a hint of mischief, albeit in the smallest sense explored in ways such as harmless pranks or jokes.

Despite being carefree, she is responsible enough to know restraint. Chores and errands are to be done accordingly. Playtime comes after tasks are completed so she enjoys her free time to the fullest. Not that she skips off into the woods immediately after. Nia actually enjoys domestic and home economics so she likes using her spare time to cook, clean, and sew.

That said, Nia does possess a very awkward and questionable nature. She's obsessed with dogs and, even as a child, harassed the dog hybrids who strayed within her sight. Because of this, she has developed quite a stalkerish behavior when dealing with such persons. Beware, man's best friend.

Nia was born the second daughter to a human father and elven mother. Her family owned a small boutique in the city and, despite suffering some hardships due to their interspecies union, they were a happy and content bunch. Growing up, she knew her family circumstance was uncommon, but it never bothered her. She still made friends and was able to develop connections with many of their neighbors. In fact, her childhood experience allowed her to become the tough girl she is now.

It was in her teen years did Nia notice her sister was different. Their parents spent an inordinate amount of time teaching and telling Velia things they did not her. She soon learned why and, on that day, matured a little. Nia, who regularly went out to play, began staying home more often to help around the house and boutique. The change in scenario was seamless and she fell into a more domestic life with relative ease.

Everything became routine. Wake up, make breakfast, school and club, chase dogs and the occasional hybrid she'll find, go home, make dinner, homework and study, sleep, rinse and repeat. So it was no surprise that she was taken aback when Velia informed the family of plans to move to an unknown town in some unknown crop of land somewhere in the boonies. Worried about the older sister's well-being, the parents would let her go under one condition: the sisters go together. Nia, of course, agreed. A city girl at heart, she went with low expectations for this 'Coffee Town'. Nevertheless, if the decision was between modern comfort or Velia, she would pick Velia ten times over.

Additional Info:
Voice: Kana Hanazawa
Older Sister: Velia Lovelace (very protective of)
Obsessed with dogs and dog hybrids.
Works more as a fashion consultant than a tailor.
The bird (she named Bird) follows her where ever and can bark.
Normally a lady, but becomes freakishly strong where dogs are concerned.

Roleplay Methods/Availability: Script, Semi-lit or Lit, Skype or Chat.

Character © Tapichu
App Sheet © arcanium
here's a few things you'll need to know

so i've been dead for a while now
if anyone wants to know why, it's cause all my free time has gone into no lifing fantasy life
//trying to legend everything before pokemon comes out this week yo!
probably won't though, those craft lv15 reqs are bruuuutal and i don't especially have that much free time in the first place

anyway, anyone want to trade friendcodes?!

mine is 5386-7788-6482

please comment below


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Wings of Life Contest! Deadline 01 Jan!

And thank you very much for your time! >///<
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amazing art hhhh i'm gonna stalk you now
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