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August 16, 2012
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PoP : Winter Springs by Tapichu PoP : Winter Springs by Tapichu
:iconpearlsofparadise: :iconpearlsofparadise: :iconpearlsofparadise:

Name : Winter Springs
Age : 21
Birthday : Winter 22
Job : Clinic Doctor
Race : Human

Gifts :
Marriage Gift: “This is… ..!! //blushes// Don’t beat around the bush. Are you asking me to marry you?”
❤Royal Honey Chrysanthemum Tea

Loved Gifts: “You’re giving this to me? Thank you, I love it. /flushes”
♡Relax Tea, ♡White Grass, ♡Relax Tealeaves

Liked Gifts: “Thanks. You’re not so bad.”
✔Antidontal Herb, ✔Fluffy Scarf, ✔Honey, ✔Clover, ✔Medicinal Herb

Disliked Gifts: “What am I going to do with this?”
✖Cheap Cloth, ✖Cheap Bandage, ✖Poison Powder, ✖Pickles

Hated Gifts: “Come any closer with that thing and I’ll guarantee you a permanent spot in our sickbay.”
☒Eggplant Curd, ☒Boiled Spinach, ☒Flop

Magic : Water – ‘Cure’

Personality :
Winter can be described in three simple words: honest, blunt and impatient.

As a child, Winter was constantly surrounded by adults telling her lying was bad and honesty was a virtue. Being a good little girl, she took those words to heart and has never forgotten them since. Although being an adult herself now, she knows not all lies are bad. Those who lie to inflict damage on another are bad, but those said in order to detain hurt, though not right, are understandable.

With an arsenal loaded on her belief in honesty and severely stern attitude, Winter ’s blunt nature comes as no surprise. If she happens upon a thought that should be voiced, she’ll out right say it. If not at that specific moment, then in the near future. Though some find her words hurtful, they’re not purposely so. At least, not all the time.

History :
Winter was born an only child to two respectable professors. Her parents, never wanting to be far from their research, lived in the university communal facility where most of the other academic faculty resided. With no other children around her age to play with, Winter spent most of her time in the company of other professors and like-minded scholars. Unfortunately, consorting with persons far older than her own age forced Winter to grow up well before her time.

Her parents, thinking they were fortunate enough to have borne such a mature daughter, often left the girl to her own devices. Without their attention, the girl sought friends her own age. Sadly, engaging her classmates in the same manner as she would the academic scholars at the university proved futile and left her with no more friends than she’d started out with. Whereas the scholars found her blunt honesty refreshing, her fellow classmates thought it too stern and intimidating. In the end, Winter decided if her classmates were too ignorant to look beyond the exterior of a person then they weren’t worth her time.

At the age of sixteen, Winter graduated and entered the same university her parents worked in. She applied herself in the study of medicine and the healing arts. Much to her surprise, not only was subject appealing, but during one of her hands-on fieldworks, Winter found out she had the ability ‘Cure’. Taking it as a sign from the Goddess, she continued to pursue her interest in healing and medicine. Four more years would pass before she completed her university courses.

While residing in a small island town, an envelope bearing an unfamiliar wax seal happened in Winter ’s mailbox one morning. After asking the local mailman about the origin of the letter, the man gave her a concerned shrug and replied he’d never delivered such a thing. Intent on finding out more about the contents of the letter, Winter packed her things and left for Lucine Island.
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